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Zen heart

Author: Ezra Bayda

Cuore Zen is a crystalline book. The reading is light and fluent, so much so that at times it seems difficult to grasp the depth of the experiences it describes. For the sake of clarity, the author divides the meditative path into three phases, and thus manages to draw an exhaustive, simple, but not simplistic, picture of the path of practice. According to Bayda, the ego as 'me', as a personality, individual self, needs to be explored in order to make a complete spiritual journey, and this happens in the 'me stage'. But the knowledge of oneself, of one's defense mechanisms, of one's emotional patterns, does not exhaust the understanding that meditation gives access to. 'Being awareness' and 'being kindness' are not only man's actual possibilities, they are his true nature. The author illustrates the obstacles, different for each one, but attributable to some repetitive mechanisms, as well as the pillars of practice and the qualities necessary for awakening. He does not insist on the primacy of one way over another, even though he defines himself as a Zen teacher, and rather focuses on a careful and exhaustive examination of a path of realization, expressing in all its complexity the human vicissitudes of someone who has sought awakening and compassion. The volume is completed with some interesting practical tips and exercises to accommodate all life events, instead of running away, getting angry or trying in vain to control them.

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