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Yoga in pairs

Author: Mariella Castagnino

Techniques of creative encounter Yoga in pairs includes numerous Hatha Yoga positions that can be taken with another person, in order to verify the benefits, enhanced for both; each of the two, helping the other to assume the position, allows him to intensify it and at the same time to relax better. This allows you to get to know yourself better: the companion becomes the mirror of the practice in which one's ability to fulfill oneself appears more clearly. It is an experience of abandonment, of joy, of union. The Author explains the origin, purpose and methods of execution of Yoga in pairs. List the preliminary exercises and then the main Hatha Yoga positions that can be used in the two-person practice. For each position, illustrated by photos, detailed instructions are given regarding the movements, their succession and duration; In conclusion, the effects on an energetic, psychological and spiritual level are listed, as well as the benefits on the physical and health level.

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