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Wisdom and compassion

Author: Anyen Rinpoche

Dzogchen is the corpus of the highest, most secret and best-kept teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Westerners, dazzled by the myth that describes it as a quick and effortless way to enlightenment, end up having a partial vision of it, which becomes an obstacle to achieving the desired result.

Anyen Rinpoche has noticed this dynamic and helps us to "correct the course", giving us back a holistic vision of Dzogchen that has always been inherent in the original corpus and in the teachings of the ancient school, or Nyingmapa. It does so by showing that the result cannot be achieved if one forgets that the Vision of the Dzogchen is inextricably linked to Bodhicitta, that is, to the intuitive, compassionate and diligent spirit of the bodhisattvas. In citing some of the great dzogchen yogis of the past who were the custodians of this holistic vision, Anyen Rinpoche teaches us the style of contemplation, he fully gives us back the approach.


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