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White tea with aloe vera

The skin is the mirror of our soul. Let's take care of body, mind and soul by enjoying a cup of YOGI TEA White Tea with Aloe Vera. Carefully selected white tea is combined with aloe vera, delicately spiced turmeric and aromatic chamomile flowers. The warming effect of cinnamon gives this creation a refined and slightly sweet taste, which makes you want to drink another cup. The true essence of this infusion is: "Delicate regeneration".

basil *, white tea *, lemon verbena *, licorice *, green tea with jasmine * (green tea *, jasmine flowers *), cinnamon *, rosemary *, officinal sage *, turmeric *, fennel *, cocoa peel * , chamomile flowers *, schisandra berries *, aloe vera gel concentrated 200 times *

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