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What will you do with your life?

Author: Krishnamurti

In this collection of speeches and reflections dedicated mainly to young people, Krishnamurti reflects on the need to learn how to think, avoiding to circumvent painful experiences and rather putting an end to mental suffering caused by poor self-knowledge. Only by freeing oneself from the oppressive baggage of traditions and memories will the ability to face life for what it is will develop: a continuous change, which the imprisoned mind cannot grasp but limits itself to chasing with difficulty. We are, of course, social beings, part of a global process, but the world, says Krishnamurti, is no different from us, the world is us, and self-knowledge is fundamental to start the "real revolution", the inner one. , which springs from love and correct thinking. The change of an individual is enough to trigger a ripple effect capable of spreading good, because goodness is contagious. The volume is divided into four parts; the first is dedicated to the self and to life, that is, to the understanding of the mind and of the relationship with the world around us; the second investigates the process of self-knowledge; the third provides useful insights to define what education, work and money are, focusing, once again, on how to dedicate oneself to the activities one undertakes, with a view to a very specific purpose. The last part deals with the issue of relationships with others, from the family to love relationships to society. Relationships that are possible only when we manage to go beyond the images and representations of memory. In fact, the relationship is contact, and the contact must take place between two people, freed from the stratified and insignificant images that weigh on the self that we have not yet learned to know.


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