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We love the planet

Author: Dalai Lama - Franz Alt

“We need a revolution of compassion, which depends on warmth, on understanding the cohesion of humanity, on concern for the well-being of others and on respect for their rights. The whole human family must come together in a sustainable, global and ecological community, which collaborates and takes care of our home. I hope, and I pray for it to happen, that we will take better care of the Earth, all together " - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

In times of global warming, species extinction and growing water emergency on our planet, the values ​​of international cooperation and "universal responsibility" are particularly important, which the Dalai Lama asks more and more urgently. In this book, like never before, he urges politicians to act with determination after more than 20 international climate conferences. It was the Dalai Lama's vision that transformed his country of origin, Tibet, into the largest nature reserve in the world, in accordance with the ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition: “Tibet must and can become a demilitarized sanctuary of peace and nature". Technology alone will not save us, says His Holiness, only if we combine technology with ethical responsibility, perhaps we can still prevent the worst of global warming. All problems created by people can also be solved by people.

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