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Stand up!

Author: Dalai Lama

"Young friends, you are my hope for humanity." The appeal to young people to save the planet

This book is an extraordinary declaration of hope addressed to the youngest, to the digital and interconnected generation that approaches adulthood at a particular time on our planet: the rights that for their parents seemed to have been acquired are today threatened by climate change, by increasingly widespread nationalisms and an economic and social crisis that has few precedents in history. Yet all these disasters are not mere fatalities, but they arise from very specific sins of man. And man can therefore remedy it. To do so, according to the Dalai Lama, a true revolution of the souls is needed that is capable of moving from an isolated and individualistic system of thought to a collective and planetary consciousness, because it is in altruism the true, pragmatic solution to the great difficulties of our time. The invitation is to change the mentality in order to change the world, overcome the culture dominated by the idea of ​​competition and division and instead focus on justice and sharing. With the awareness that everyone is a fundamental part of the Earth ecosystem, and nobody should feel excluded.

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