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Towards enlightenment. How meditation teaches happiness

Author: Dalai Lama

In this book, the Dalai Lama presents numerous exercises of contemplative practices to help the reader on his path of spiritual growth.

"Destructive emotions make us unhappy, so much so that when their negative effect diminishes, our mind is more comfortable, happier. So the key to happiness is a tame mind "

If in the twentieth century violence unleashed all its destructive power in two world wars that caused millions of deaths, in the inaugural decades of the third millennium it seems to have assumed new forms, perhaps less bloody but equally devastating. Among the main causes of these tragedies that are unfolding before our eyes, His Holiness the Dalai Lama identifies the lack of that altruism - or rather, that "absence of self" - which Buddhism teaches and practices to conduct. each individual to the full realization of their potential and help them achieve enlightenment, their highest spiritual state. Enlightenment, therefore, is our true goal, which can be reached by following the tracks wisely indicated by the Buddha: wisdom, meditative concentration, moral conduct, especially if enhanced by compassion. The latter sentiment, the Dalai Lama stresses, goes far beyond empathy, as it extends to the personal commitment to alleviate the suffering of others and of every sentient being, without spatial limits. In this light, it also becomes clearer how we can intervene on our mental afflictions, transforming much of the negative and self-destructive feelings into open and positive attitudes, which are a source of serenity and well-being not only for us but for all those around us. Rich in personal anecdotes and acute reflections, these pages present an unpublished image of the Dalai Lama: as well as the greatest spiritual guide of Tibetan Buddhism, Nobel Peace Prize winner, political leader and international personality, also a student in the continuous search for happiness, who - he reminds us - it is the fruit of an interior disposition, but it is full only if shared.



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