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Three precepts. From the oral transmission Dzogchen of the Zhangzhung

Author: Tenzin Lopon Namdak

In an extremely concise and clear way The three precepts - text belonging to the tradition of Zhangzhung Nyengyü, or Oral Transmission of Zhangzhung - expose the fundamental pillars of the path of Dzogchen regarding the Nature of the Basis of the primordial State, the Path of meditation and the Fruit of practice. itself, or the state of Buddhahood. Giving particular emphasis to the description of the higher meditation practices connected with the spontaneous production of visions (thögel) and the attainment of the Rainbow Body (jalü), this work - translated from Tibetan by Jean-Luc Achard and integrated from the precious teachings of Lopön Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche - represents a reference to approach or deepen the understanding of the Way of the Great Perfection, as it is still transmitted and practiced today within the spiritual tradition of Yungdrung Bön.

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