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The wise heart

Author: J.Kornfield

There is an unlimited capacity in us to feel love, joy, fellowship with life and happiness. "The Wise Heart" is an accessible and at the same time illuminating guide to Buddhist psychology that explains how to awaken this capacity. Jack Kornfield has personally experienced the transformative power of Buddhist teachings on the lives of those who practice them. In the path that he proposes, he offers us a method to be able to face our difficulties, without closing them out of our life, but leaving the door of the heart open. Starting from the concepts of "mental health" and "conscience", the author examines healing and awakening through the practices of awareness and mindfulness, illustrates how unhealthy emotions are transformed, and explains what Buddhist psychological tools are, from power of concentration and visualization to cognitive exercises and collective practices. Kornfield also suggests specific exercises with which to change our perspective and our way of being in the world. With a bright and incisive style, concepts and practices are illustrated by real experiences that help us understand how to wisely deal with conflicts, stress, suffering and the different situations that life imposes on us. Buddhist practice gives us access to that inner freedom that allows us to gain confidence in our own deep capacity for kindness and wisdom. The best, wisest way to face life, in any place and in any situation, is to "calm the mind and open the heart."


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