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The wisdom of compassion

Author: Dalai Lama

For the Dalai Lama it is essential to cultivate a generous heart, capable of always remembering that
feeling of separateness between us and others is nothing but an illusion created by a way of thinking
as wrong as it is rooted. “Wherever I go, when I have the opportunity to talk to people or to give
teachings, the first thing I say is that we are all the same. We are human beings and how
we have the same physical characteristics: head, arms, eyes and mouth. But our equality
it is not limited to this, we are also equal emotionally, since we all feel the same
emotions, such as happiness and suffering. " Tireless champion of a culture of dialogue and
non-violence, the Dalai Lama in his speeches reminds us to cultivate hope because
following these millennial teachings we have the opportunity to live not only without bitterness,
but even experiencing joy and happiness.


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