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The way of non-attachment

Author: Dhiravamsa

Arriving in London as a Buddhist bhikkhu in full compliance with Theravada orthodoxy, Dhiravamsa realized that the Western world offered a vast and rich cultural horizon, and that Buddhist meditation, in order to infuse its own lifeblood in the West, needed to eliminate everything related to oriental-style exoticism. The truth is identified with life itself; wearing religious clothes, identifying with a specific tradition, means creating an illusory dualistic fracture. At the height of this inner 'revolution', Dhiravamsa therefore decided to abandon the monastic habit, and with it any identification with a specific religious tradition. Since then he has been invited around the world to lead meditation courses. There are two main cultural influences: Krishnamurti and Western psychology. The Krishnamurtian message has contributed to shattering the narrow horizons of 'cultural provincialism'; the influence of Western psychology has been equally important, and has materialized not only in the markedly 'psychological' language adopted by Dhiravamsa, but also in the adoption of real 'meditative techniques' alternatives to the oriental ones, derived from a reworking of different psychotherapeutic approaches, such as encounter groups, Reichian groups or Gestalt therapy.

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