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The stages of the path

The book contains the teachings that Geshe Tobden gave in August and December 1991 and in August and December 1993 at the LTK Institute of Pomaia, which constitute a complete Commentary on one of the eight main texts of Lam Rim, that of Dagpo Nawang Dragpa, a disciple of Tsong Khapa Lama. These are strong teachings of absolute doctrinal rigor, but presented with a warmth and emotional closeness capable of accompanying the disciples with confidence and joy along all the stages of the Gradual Path. These are the words with which Geshe Tobden himself presents him:

When we want to follow spiritual practice, it is important not only to know the Dharma correctly, but also to practice it correctly, and it is also important to know the correct sequence of its various stages, without reversing them. If we practice them in their proper succession we will get their realizations, and to do that we need to rely on our spiritual master and the Buddha.

The explanations of this text commented by me are set out in four sections:

1) The greatness of the author
2) The greatness of the lam-rim teaching
3) The way of listening and teaching lam-rim
4) The actual instructions by which the disciple is guided through the stages.

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