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The sound of silence

Author: Achaan Sumedho

"Awareness is the path of deathless". This verse of the Dhammapada has always been a source of reflection and comfort for the author throughout a life dedicated to the practice and then to the teaching of Theravada Buddhism, the ancient way of the first disciples of the Buddha. Like the Buddha, and like his direct teacher Achaan Chah, Venerable Sumedho has always centered his teaching on awareness, the only true refuge in a human condition which, being born, created, conditioned, is doomed to suffering and disintegration. Awareness as a refuge, therefore, and as a precious tool to get in touch with one's illusions, preconceptions, emotions and habitual reactions which, once illuminated in their transience, in their nature of pure mental objects, lose much of their power. Achaan Sumedho does not like to define awareness as a meditative technique, but as an attitude, a sense of suspended attention, a state of openness and receptivity towards things as they are, beyond personal preferences and aversions. This book is the ideal sequel to the volume "Intuitive awareness" and collects the speeches given by the author on the occasion of a retreat open to the laity at the English monastery of Amaravati. 18,00

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