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the science of meditation

Why mindfulness is so important

"Mindful meditation" is an established and constantly spreading practice of which Jon Kabat-Zinn was a forerunner, undisputed teacher and author of fundamental and illuminating books. Among these the now classic Get your senses back that the author has decided to propose in an enlarged and renewed version in four independent books, each relating to an aspect of mindfulness.
In the first of these books, The science of meditation, Jon Kabat-Zinn clears the field of any misunderstanding about mindfulness, which is not a technique for relaxing by reaching a kind of oblivion and removing one's present with its load of worries. Instead, it is an act of great awareness, which everyone can reach through meditation, and which helps us to focus on the present moment to live it with intensity, learning to see the fullness of the experience in all its positive and negative aspects and succeeding also to interpret negative moments as possible steps of growth. Mindfulness is not a philosophy, it is a practice that must be followed consistently, but which can easily fit into the daily routine of each of us. And this little book is the best place to start.

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