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The roots of love

The first children's book written by the Dalai Lama

A book for the whole family: the life of the greatest Buddhist spiritual guide and his message of love and hope.

Lessons of love and compassion from the Dalai Lama

Extract from the book:

During my life I have had the opportunity to visit many countries and meet children who live in the most diverse countries. The conversations I had with them are some of the most wonderful I can remember.

Since I will not have the opportunity to meet all the children of the world in person, it is with great joy that I share this story with you.

In this book I bring back memories from my childhood, as well as lessons I learned in the course of my studies as a Buddhist monk. They both helped me cultivate the seed of compassion - a seed that is already found in each of us. I hope this story can help that seed germinate and root.

I am convinced that you are destined to give birth to a more compassionate generation, capable of creating a kinder world.

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