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The roots of happiness

Author: Ezra Bayda
There is perhaps a misunderstanding behind the chronic dissatisfaction we seem to be surrounded by. Where do we expect satisfaction to come from? In other words, what is the happiness we seek? The common idea of ​​happiness carries with it a long series of stereotypes, not least the illusion of having the right to happiness, the belief that life 'owes' us something. Western man is educated from an early age to effort, to the struggle to obtain results, and even where such objectives are deserving and appreciable, they remain in the personal sphere of the transitory and ephemeral. Instead, there is another happiness, which Zen touches with lightness and irony, and which Bayda shows the way to the reader. It is in another dimension, beyond the fence of the expectations we place in work, in relationships, in money, but also in spiritual teachings, and which generate chronic dissatisfaction simply by being formulated as expectations. The ground of 'fundamental happiness' is born and nourished within, in the capacity to welcome the experience, the positive and the negative, being present and awake in the present moment, without making an effort to change, without letting thoughts and emotions interfere with experience. If these may seem like just words, immersing oneself in reading will instead discover an empirical and bare approach, based on a few simple indications for inner, meditative and introspective work ...
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