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The life of Marpa the translator

Author: Jacques Bacot

Marpa the Translator (1012-1096) was among those who most contributed to transplanting Indian Buddhism to Tibet. Three times he left Tibet to travel through Nepal and India in search of manuscripts and masters who would explain the dark doctrines of the Tantras. Decisive was the meeting with Naropa who designated him as his spiritual successor. In Tibet, the teachings of Marpa gave life, through Milarepa, to a tradition that continues today. Only one secret was lost, the technique that allows you to transfer your consciousness into a corpse. gTsang sMyong Heruka, Tsang's mad yogi, who wrote The Life of Marpa, is the same one to whom we owe The Life of Milarepa; and so is their translator, the Tibetologist Jacques Bacot.

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