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The keys to daily meditation

Author: Tenzin Gyatso, XIV Dalai Lama

Western science today has amassed a great deal of technological knowledge, observes the Dalai Lama - but it still seems very limited in terms of understanding consciousness: and in the absence of such in-depth knowledge, even the usefulness of an excellent command of the subject may prove questionable. Since the good of humanity is the main purpose of knowledge, I consider it very important to balance the knowledge of consciousness, achievable through inner experience, and the knowledge of material reality. If we approach scientific research on one side only, without taking into account the inner consciousness, we will automatically neglect the experience of our feeling; for example, powerful destructive weapons are indeed a great achievement from a purely technological point of view, but with respect to the good of humanity their value is questionable. I believe that the investigation or study of conscience should not be considered the prerogative of religions only, but that it is important for technical knowledge, for human knowledge. In this sense, Eastern philosophy, and especially Buddhist philosophy, has something to offer the modern world ”. This is the contribution of the investigation conducted by Buddhism on how our mind works, an investigation that leads to the use of daily meditation, which the Dalai Lama sets out in this book.

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