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The great book of mandalas

Author: Jose and Miriam Arguelles

The Great Book of Mandalas is - as Lama Chogyam Trungpa writes in the preface - in itself a moving mandala: a mandala in action. An instrument of ritual meditation technique, the mandala reflects the different levels of consciousness of the beholder, as well as the source of the unifying and healing force through which it is the intermediary. In The Great Book of Mandalas this force is made operative by the authors thanks to the setting of the text and the conspicuous illustrative material. In describing the universality of the mandala, it is shown that it is a global principle, an evolutionary process, a ritual technique, an essential moment of existence. The idea of ​​the "center" as the foundation of the mandala - basic form of art and philosophical method - is used to express the existential experience of unity and mutual relationships. The text explains with simplicity and clarity the meaning of the mandala as a key to symbolism; describes its ritual, its history and its use in different cultures. The numerous original illustrations give an extraordinary expressive vivacity to this myriad of concepts and ideas. Among other things, the authors explain the basic techniques for designing and building your own mandalas yourself, providing readers with the practical means to reach the most sublime peaks of meditation. Out of time and yet well anchored in the present, the mandala is the way to inner perfection.

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