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The four noble truths

Author: Gen Lobsang Gyatso.

The four truths were revealed by Buddha after he attained enlightenment and are the foundation of all Buddhist practices. “The first truth expresses the nature of all ours malattie and existential neuroses. “The second explores the causes and conditions for their development. “The third shows that the causes of our problems can be eliminated and that we can free ourselves from suffering. “The fourth reveals the various paths of practice offered by Buddhism to achieve this goal. Based on the first two truths, namely, the truth of suffering and the truth of the origin of suffering, one can understand how sentient beings wander in samsara. To free oneself from suffering, one must understand the two second truths: the truth of cessation and the truth of the path. The four noble truths are so named because they can be experienced and understood according to the Buddha's teaching: if one is able to put them into practice, one can be sure of achieving realizations. The Buddha has, in fact, shown us that the spiritual path is pragmatic and works directly on every daily experience to deeply transform the practitioner.
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