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The four doors of feng shui

Author: Tiziana Rettaroli

Houses are not just material constructions because, if so, they would not arouse any emotion in us. If in some we feel discomfort while others transmit joy to us, it is because houses have a soul, that is, an invisible part made up of energies. If we learn to feel those energies, we learn to avoid the out of tune notes and to tune in with those that are best associated with our well-being, transforming our homes into an oasis of well-being. Feng Shui is the technical means to tune into these energies: it allows us to feel them, to study them, and gives us precise indications on the best possible arrangement of our rooms and our furniture. This book is an invitation to open the doors that will lead us to achieve a healthier and happier relationship with everything around us. As a technical manual, it provides the tools to apply Feng Shui in a practical way, and is useful both to operators in the sector and to novice enthusiasts, who can approach the discipline in a simple way and deal with all the topics in a structured and rhythmic way. peculiar to Feng Shui.

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