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The dynamic way of meditation

Author: Dhiravamsa

Dhiravamsa is one of the rare oriental masters who did not come to the West to sell exoticism and panacea, but to learn. Theravada Buddhism is one of the oldest Eastern Buddhist traditions and, as well as the most recent (from Zen to Vajrayana), it is fused and intertwined with the culture in which it is preserved, that of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma and Cambodia. Dhiravamsa rethought the core of truth that he brought with him from the East, to purify it of all the superstructures and cultural incrustations of origin and to pour it into Western culture. Thus, one of the central elements of Theravada's conception, the vipassana meditation technique, i.e. the insight technique, emerges in this book with aspects and accents that recall a crowd of purely Western names and techniques (Reich and orgonomy, Perls and Gestalt therapy, but also all the 'expressive therapies' and 'cathartic therapies' that recent Western psychology has discovered and widely practiced). However, the various techniques of vipassana meditation and their applications maintain an originality, simplicity and disruptive force, described in this short text conceived as a practical manual of training in awareness, which teaches how to release the meditative energy in a process of mental and spiritual purification.

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