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The Dalai Lama: a modern-day saint

Author: Tenzin Geyche Tethong

This illustrated chronicle offers an in-depth and original narrative of the Tibetan epic and the life of the Dalai Lama. Through the testimonies of those who were close to him and a treasure of over four hundred images of the priceless beauty of Tibet, he tells what was the creation from nothing of a nation in exile and the tireless struggle of His Holiness for his people. In a rich interweaving of biography, history and tradition, he composes a detailed account not only of the tumultuous events that forced the Dalai Lama to embark on his path, and that from a situation of great danger led him to establish himself as an international personality, but also of its world-class initiatives to alleviate the suffering of peoples, defeat world problems and promote the well-being of humanity through the development of a universal and compassionate ethics and collaboration between science and religion. Tendzin Choegyal was thirteen years old when, in 1959, he followed his older brother, the Dalai Lama - XNUMX years old at the time - on his dangerous flight to India. Decades later, he insistently asked his old friend Tenzin Geyche Tethong - for forty years a personal collaborator of the Dalai Lama - to tell the story of their people. The two elders of the Tibetan community were joined by iconographer Jane Moore and a team of creatives, and from their efforts an intimate, memorable, exhaustive portrait was born, which offers in these uncertain times a refreshing retrospective on a leader, a culture, a cause and a vision that have captured the attention and hearts of people around the world.

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