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The Tibetan book of living and dying

Author: Sogyal Rinpoche

On his first encounter with Western culture, Sogyal Rinpoche was dismayed to discover that, despite all its technological achievements, modern Western society does not understand at all what happens at the moment of death. In Tibet, on the contrary, over the centuries a veritable 'sacred technology' of death has developed, an ars moriendi that collects the most accurate, complex and complete body of knowledge about death and the next state, or bard. The term 'bardo', literally 'suspended between', and therefore 'interval, transition', is a key concept for understanding the Tibetan conception of life and death. In Tibetan Buddhism, life and death appear as a whole made up of a series of constantly changing realities, which present bardos, or transition joints in which dharmata, the true nature of the mind, unlimited and eternal, is manifested. The four bardos (of life, death, after death and rebirth) therefore offer a very great possibility of liberation, but only the bardo of this life allows one to become familiar, through meditation, with the essential nature of the mind, so as to to be able to recognize its powerful and terrifying spontaneous manifestation at the moment of death. Those who have prepared themselves in time through the practice and contemplation of impermanence will not see death as a defeat, but as a victory. XNUMXth anniversary edition.

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