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Tangka 1st quality - assorted deities

Padmasambhava (Tibetan: Pema Jungnay - Padma 'byun-gnas), in Sanskrit means' Born of the Lotus'. In Tibet he is known as the 'Precious Master' Guru Rinpoche and is revered by the Nyingmapa school as the second Buddha. He is considered the first and most important diffuser of Buddhism in Tibet, particularly of the Vajrayana and the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Towards the end of the eighth century he was invited to Tibet by the ruler Trhisong Detsen (742-797) at the suggestion of the Buddhist monk Shantaraksita (750 - 802) who was trying to convert the Tibetan population encountering great difficulties, due to the opposition of local shamans. Guru Rinpoche defeated the negative forces invoked by the shamans and thus allowed Shantarakshita to build the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet, in Samye.

NB: the lower wooden stick is damaged. Externally the tangka is perfect and aesthetically the defect is not visible.

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