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Tame the tiger

Author: Akong Tulku Rinpoche

Over the past thirty years Akong Tulku Rinpoche has taught in Europe, America and Africa, seeing with his own eyes the difficulties that Westerners have to face every day. The pressures, tensions and frenzy of modern life are certainly not ideal conditions for relaxation and meditation: so here are the teachings of this book, born from the compassionate desire to help people in everyday life; here then clearly exposed, among so many complex books and spiritual messages, a simple and linear way to achieve that kind of happiness for oneself that brings happiness for others. In the first part of the book Akong Tulku enunciates the most understandable and natural principles of the Buddhist conception as they can be applied in our daily life. The second part of the book outlines a sequence of relaxation techniques and meditation exercises which, if practiced consistently, will form the basis for a type of self-knowledge, mental therapy and self-care that will advantageously accompany us throughout our life. The practical program was first tested and perfected in the therapeutic seminars of the Samyé Ling center in Scotland - the oldest Tibetan Buddhist center in the West - and then confirmed its success in Europe as well as in North America and Africa.

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