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Straight to your dog's heart

Author: Angelo Vaira

Does your dog not obey? Do you want your puppy to become a gentledog? Are you wondering why it destroys house while you're away? Change your perspective, put yourself in your shoes, ThinkDog! Smell the air, watch your movements, listen to your tone of voice. Then watch him when he leaves the house and finds snow or gets wet in the rain. Learn from him and find out what he wants from you. You can live an extraordinary experience thanks to your dog. You can build with him the special, fun and deep relationship you have always wanted. But it will not be enough to love him, you will have to know him, listen to him, play with him and be chosen as guide and safe base! Only then will you be able to educate him. In this book Angelo Vaira explains how Lucky changed his life, why coercive training doesn't really work and how to go beyond gentle techniques. At the end of this path you will no longer say that your dog is obedient, or that he is a gentledog, because you will almost no longer distinguish where you end and where he starts.

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