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Snow lion mask

The snow lion is one of the Tibetan mythological animals connected to the yellow color. It symbolizes courage, unconditional cheerfulness, the east and the Earth element. It reigns over the mountains and is usually painted with a turquoise mane. The roar of the Snow Lion embodies the sound of emptiness (Sanskrit: Śūnyatā), courage and truth, and as often synonymous with Buddhadharma, the teachings of the Buddha, it implies liberation from karma and the difficult path of awakening. Its roar was considered so powerful that it caused seven dragons to fall from the sky.
The Snow Lion is an archetypal confluence of thought forms or the personification of the playfulness of "joy" and "bliss" (Sanskrit: ananda; Tibetan: dga '). Paradoxically, the Snow Lion does not fly but its feet never touch the ground; their existence is a playful continuum (Tibetan: rgyud) of hopping from one mountain peak to another.
The energetic power (wisdom or shakti) of the Snow Lion is expressed by the binomial gankyil / gakyil ("bliss + vortex" or "wheel of joy") that Leo keeps in motion forever.

Measurements: 20 x 17 cm

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