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Money, sex, war and karma

Author: David R. Loy

David Loy strips Buddhism of its more exotic characteristics linked to oriental cultures and focuses on the fundamental concepts: the dukkha, the dissatisfaction that permeates human existence in the world, and the absence of an individual ego, permanent and unchanging over time. , independent of the other. With this interpretation, he goes on to analyze all the ways in which we Westerners try to fill this ontological void that undermines any sense of security: accumulating money, chasing the illusion of sex and notoriety, even engaging in one war after another. to feel, paradoxically, more alive. Here then are the three poisons highlighted by the Buddha: greed, the malewill and illusion, or ignorance of the true nature of things. According to the author, and here the discourse becomes really new and particularly profound, in modern society the three poisons have assumed an institutionalized position: greed in the consumerist economic system and based on an eternal increase in profits, malewillingness in the war industries that have even been able to devise "preventive" warfare in order to multiply their earnings, and the illusion in the power of the media, a sort of "group nervous system", which manipulate and distort our perceptions.

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