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Mandala. The sacred circle of Tibetan Buddhism

Author: Martin Brauen

Having introduced the fundamental theory and practice of the mandala, Martin Brauen describes the essential worldview of Tantric Buddhism with the help of computer generated models. To further illustrate the mandalic finish, the rich sacred symbolism of de! famous mandala Kalacakra in its various stages of elaboration.

In the final chapter we review the Western inertness to the philosophical, religious and psychological aspects of the mandalic phenomenon. The multiple approaches to the mandala presented here do not presume to convey irrefutable truths but rather to provide the reader with a means to form his own opinion on the tantric conception of the world.

The mandala, that is the symbol and allegory of Tantric Buddhism par excellence, celebrates the relationship between man and the cosmos. For the Tantric devotee, mandalas serve as aids for meditation; for visualizations and, finally, for the attainment of Buddhahood. They take on a great variety of forms: simple geometric diagrams, finer paintings on a roll of cloth, intricate patterns of colored powder and large three-dimensional structures.

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