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Science and reincarnation

Author: Jean Pierre Schnetzler

For some years now, Western scientists have applied themselves to the study of what the East calls "transmigration" or "reincarnation". The Western study focuses both on the many testimonies of precise and verifiable memories, which appeared above all in children, and on the experiences of imminent death, or apparent death, when the heart stops beating, the encephalogram becomes flat, and the patient is declared died, but later recovered. Thanks to the increasingly refined resuscitation techniques, these cases have become more and more numerous and the testimonies of these patients speak of an after-life, whose descriptions coincide with those who have preserved the memories of a previous life and of the passage between two lives . Jean-Pierre Schnetzler is a well-known scholar of the phenomenon, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. This book collects both Western studies and the precise indications of the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, which have preserved intact a corpus of teachings on this topic: what dies of us? What remains? What does it transmigrate?

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