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Hand woven on a loom. Linen and cotton.

Dimension: 44 x 200 cm.

Ama-La is a project of EUROCOOP Social Cooperative Services with a humanitarian character and financed with the OttoxMille contribution of the Italian Buddhist Union. Its purpose is the reception, psycho-socio-health care and work integration of refugee women, alone or with a minor, without any limit of age or origin. The path will be accomplished through the training and creation of handcrafted textile products.

The project was born in the town of Camini (RC), a town that has been the protagonist of an extraordinary hospitality experience for years.

Specifically, Ama-La provides training in loom weaving, sewing, modeling and creation of handcrafted textile products, the result of the encounter between different traditions and ancient knowledge, with particular attention to textile innovation for the creation of ecological, ethical, aesthetic and trendy products.

The products we will create, clothing, furnishing accessories and various accessories, will be made through the ancient practices of traditional Calabrian textile arts and crafts, i.e. embroidery, spinning, loom weaving, broom spinning, which are combined with the craft knowledge of women from other regions of the world.

Through the use of innovative and ecological techniques such as eco-printing (printing and coloring of steamed fabrics with the use of herbs, bark, leaves and flowers), our textile processes respect the environment. Most of the materials are zero km and the processing techniques with minimal environmental impact, in fact we favor the recycling and recovery of raw materials, such as old fabrics to make new carpets, pezzare.

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