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Sacred Tibet

Author: Keith Dowman

Tibet is a country steeped in spiritual significance. Taking a trip to this country means embarking on a mystical pilgrimage in the sacred space of Tibetan Buddhism; a space definitely apart from the social and political space of Tibet under Chinese occupation, but also separate from our ordinary consciousness. It means traveling to a transformed environment inhabited by gods and demons, Buddhas and bodhisattvas, yogis, sorcerers and shamans. This book, a somewhat special guide to a very special country, the work of one of the leading experts in Tibetan religion and culture, deals with both perspectives, the visionary and the historical. It describes all the most important places of power, mountains, lakes, caves, monasteries, temples, and so on; it offers the reader not only a crop of news, but also the possibility of getting an overall picture of this country and its civilization.

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