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Reflections on Buddhism

Author: Lama Anagarika Govinda

A work to reflect on Buddhism and meditation.

Lama Anagarika Govinda has penetrated the secrets of Far Eastern wisdom and the meditative tradition of Buddhism like no other Western scholar.

His works on the theory and practice of Buddhism therefore contributed substantially to making known and spreading in the West this "religion without dogmas".

In this book he exposes the synthesis of his experiences on the Buddhist way of freedom, which he not only studied, but also personally traveled in an exemplary way.

And by drawing on his personal experience, he highlights the role that Buddhism can play for the thought and self-realization of those belonging to Western culture.

From these pages it is clear why Western scientists are increasingly referring to the philosophy, cosmology and metaphysics of Buddhism, of which modern science is increasingly affected by the influence.

The book is characterized by convincing scientificity, remarkable expressive power and wisdom achieved during a whole active and contemplative life at the same time. A spirit emerges which expresses with great understanding and responsible humanity, even where the author disagrees with dogmatic crystallizations, albeit supported by ancient traditions.

A work of extraordinary clarity that illuminates the principles and practice of original Buddhism.


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