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Colored Tibetan classic flags

These colored flags are placed on the tops of the hills in the mountains or more simply on the terrace, in the garden or at the window. The mantras and sacred images imprinted on them are a wish for inner serenity and peace. When the wind blows through them, according to Tibetan tradition, these auspicious mantras and the protection of symbols spread in all directions.
According to Buddhist philosophy, each color has its meaning in close connection with the elements:
Blue is the color of the sky and space.
White is the color of clouds and air.
Red is the color of fire.
Green is the color of the plant world and water.
Yellow is the color of the earth.

Tibetan flags are usually placed in the more windy gorges so that it is easier for prayer to be carried. 100% cotton. A string of 10 flags. Available in five sizes: mignon (8 x 8 cm), small (12 x 11 cm), medium (16 x 14 cm), large (19 x 17 cm), XXL (28 x 28 cm).

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