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Mala rose quartz wristwatch

Rose quartz is associated with everything related to the heart, physically and emotionally: it relieves heart ailments, regulates the circulatory system, lowers high blood pressure.
Rose quartz fights stress, depression, insomnia and physical and mental fatigue. Helps overcome sexual problems and improves fertility. Rose quartz is the symbol of femininity. It gives inner peace, balance, tranquility and joy. It is suitable for those who have undergone an emotional separation or in any case feel the need to receive comfort and warmth. It teaches to love all forms of life and heals the wounds of the soul through forgiveness, for this reason it is also known as the relief stone.
Rose quartz opens up to love for oneself and for others, makes one feel worthy to receive it, develops compassion and sensitivity, teaches generosity and tolerance. It allows you to find calm and decision with an available and positive attitude towards life.


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