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Padma and other Tibetan natural remedies

Author: Astrid Blum

Discover the extraordinary therapeutic properties of the ancient Tibetan natural formula padma 28 (distributed in Italy under the name of padma Basic) composed of herbs and minerals. Each plant included in the Padma formula has medicinal properties, but it is not the qualities of each individual ingredient that decree the success of the remedy. Rather it is the mixture, or the synergy between the various ingredients, that makes the strength of this remedy more powerful than the sum of the qualities of the individual components. The plants that we find among the ingredients of Padma are rich in flavonoids, tannins, essential oils, fibers and pectins and the typical spicy and astringent flavor is given by these elements. Padma has important anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and is indicated for the treatment of various problems: all infections, both acute and chronic, even for external use; problems and disorders of the circulatory system; inflammations; angina pectoris; bronchial asthma and tract infections. In addition to Padma Basic, the book also presents other Tibetan remedies useful for example for digestive problems, constipation and heartburn and to support the functions of the liver and for rheumatic pains.

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