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Neuroscience of bilingualism

Author: Franco Fabbro - Elisa Cargnelutti

More than half of the world's population is bilingual. But a series of prejudices led to a distorting reading of reality, according to which bilingual individuals were considered a rarity. In the context of neurolinguistic studies, individuals who know, understand and speak two or more languages, but also two or more dialects, or two or more languages ​​and dialects, are considered bilingual today. With an exciting journey into the bilingual brain, we offer here a complete picture of the knowledge of the relationships between the brain and languages: the book is aimed not only at doctors, psychologists and those involved in rehabilitation, but also at teachers of all kinds and degree and to all those involved in education and training. While using technical terminology, therefore, the authors have paid particular attention to introducing the meaning of the specialized terms, with a language that is also accessible to a non-specialized public. Divided into two parts, in the first chapters the book deals with fundamental concepts concerning the development, appropriation and organization of language in the brain and the neurosciences of language in general; in the following the neurosciences of bilingualism are introduced. The themes are many and of great interest: language disorders, selective aphasia, neuropsychology of translation, psychiatric disorders in bilingual patients. The cases of some patients are also examined, in the belief that a deeper knowledge of the neuroscience of bilingualism can also bring benefits in the clinical setting. In an increasingly multilingual world, it is a duty to try to promote, preserve or rehabilitate the use of different languages, each one of which bears an essential cultural, social and emotional heritage.


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