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Neuropsychology of the religious experience

Author: Franco Fabbro

The book, which investigates the neuropsychological basis of mysticism, has the unique merit of presenting, in a way that is understandable to all, data perfectly updated to the most recent scientific research. But what is neuropsychology and what does it have to do with religion? Neuropsychology studies all the psychic phenomena of man at the level of the nervous system, thus describing in great detail the connections between body and psyche. The evolutionary history of the brain and the neurochemical mechanisms underlying emotions, feelings and different states of consciousness (wakefulness, sleep, dream and trance) are among the topics covered in this volume. It has been about ten years that the author, in the context of this discipline, has focused his attention on the sphere of the sacred and in particular on the phenomena of ecstasy and bliss on which spiritual traditions hinge, examining with methodological rigor some of the main hypothesis to explain the existence, in human beings, of brain circuits involved in religious experience.

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