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Moments of awakening

Author: A. Rinpoche

Realizing the 'nature of the mind' and abiding in that direct experience is the fruit of the transmission of a true guru, who introduces the student to the ultimate reality: the ego, like all things, does not have an intrinsic reality; it is not separate from the rest, it does not constitute an entity in its own right. The nature of all phenomena, therefore, is nothing but emptiness. To tap into this deep understanding, it is not enough to follow a realized master; the practitioner must develop the qualities of the mind that allow him to understand the teachings, and above all to put them into action. The author highlights two fundamental qualities of the mind, without which no practice, no study can lead to enlightenment: awareness and discernment, two aspects of the same mindfulness. Awareness and discernment give realism to the path and clarity of objectives, without them the student will not even be able to benefit from the practice of meditation. Anyen outlines the usefulness of the various Buddhist teachings, from sutras to tantras, to the highest teachings of his spiritual lineage: dzogchen and mahamudra; the narration of some important episodes of his life and of his training communicates the particularly direct, intuitive and sometimes energetic and pressing style with which his masters introduced him to the way of the Buddha.


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