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Mindfulness and mental health

Author: Chris Mace

The qualities of calm and awareness that the practice of mindfulness has the ability to awaken in the human being have enormous healing potential. After a story of the term pali sati (mindfulness translated by us as "mindfulness") which sheds light on the complex translation issues that have arisen around it, the author investigates in depth the roots and meaning of the search for awareness, of ancient Buddhist psychology. In the fruitful and consolidated encounter with modern forms of psychotherapy, the meditation practice based on mindfulness can play a decisive role, and in this sense a series of clinical research and scientific programs have been carried out for some time now. The author thoroughly examines mindfulness from a historical and scientific point of view, and then goes on to illustrate the various researches conducted to evaluate the impact of the practice (solitary or in the context of group retreats) on the treatment of mental disorders. For each type of disorder, the role that mindfulness can play in healing is analyzed: from anxiety disorder, to depression, to the difficulty of emotional regulation, to eating disorders and trauma. The book is completed with a broad and detailed analytical index that makes it a useful tool for the clinician, as well as, of course, an extremely stimulating text for the practitioner.

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