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Matcha green tea with lemon

Matcha Green Tea with Lemon combines the tradition of Ayurvedic meditation with the Buddhist art of green tea. The soft tips of green Tencha, which in the last weeks before harvest are kept in the shade to preserve their refined, fresh and delicate flavor, have been embellished with selected Matcha, which has always accompanied Buddhist monks during their long meditations. Fruity lemongrass and sparkling lime complete this wonderful infusion blend, resulting in a very unique taste experience. The true essence of this infusion is: "Vitality and harmony throughout the day".

green tea *, (tencha *, sencha *, matcha *), lime *, licorice *, lemongrass *, peppermint *, black pepper *, dehydrated lemon juice *, guarana *, lemon essential oil *, lemon verbena * , lemon zest *, ginger *

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