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Manage anger

Author: M. Morganti

Anger is a universal emotion that everyone happens to experience from time to time but, at times, it can happen that we are unable to keep it under control, risking to blow our lives. The author, a psychotherapist who for years has been conducting workshops on the transformation of destructive anger into useful energy, illustrates in simple words and with the stories of her patients why some are overwhelmed by this emotion, what ancient wounds nourish it, what happens in the couple, in the relationship with children and with one's body when we are governed by anger. Numerous tests will help you understand what kind of anger you feel, how much conflict there is in your couple, what psychological violence is, why the body loves each other.mala anger, if you are assertive and if you act consciously in your life. In the book you will find indications and suggestions for this powerful transformed psychic energy to give you the strength to fully live your dreams and desires; you will learn to develop conscious attention, called mindfulness, by coloring the mandalas you will find in the book, and interpreting their meaning thanks to the color test. Finally, you will learn to write fairy tales to describe your anger and you will know its hidden meanings.

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