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Live moment by moment

Author: J. Kabat - Zinn

Stress now seems to be our usual condition of life: it takes away our energy and compromises our health, making us more vulnerable to malattie, depression and panic attacks. But fighting it is possible thanks to the therapeutic meditation that this book talks about. The techniques on which it is based have their roots in the Buddhist tradition, but are applicable in any context and spiritual horizon; they teach us to use the strengths we all possess to counteract those ailments caused or linked to stress. The path of meditation taught by Kabat-Zinn leads us to a deep self-awareness that opens the mind to a new and more serene way of thinking about health and malattia, at work and in relationship life. Furthermore, the description of numerous cases, collected in ten years of work as a doctor, concretely illustrate the techniques. An excellent guide to achieving a higher level of well-being and health.

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