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Karma. The universal law of harmony

Author: V. Hanson

Karma is that universal law of tendency to balance that dominates the entire cosmos. Each action corresponds to a reaction, from each cause follows an effect.

This fundamental principle has been recognized by all the great religious traditions. To some, karma can appear only the inexorable law of cause and effect, which enchants man to the wheel of pain and misery, and which dominates the whole existence (or rather, the series of existences) imposing the continuous redemption of the mistakes made; but those who know how to see beyond the superficial manifestations are able to perceive its profound harmony, and to create this harmony within themselves.

The pendulum swings, daily experience creates dissonances and imbalances, but there is a point of balance to which everything must inevitably return. Finding this balance and making it an internal reality is the goal of every conscious individual. In this sense, therefore, karma is a rhythmic and balanced oscillation of the forces of life, which manages to make the perennial dualism of cause and effect a unitary whole, a cyclical progress towards full consciousness, an ascent towards the divine.

This volume collects writings by authors of different tendencies and experiences, from Blawatski to Chauduri, whose purpose is to teach their fellow men to know and put into practice the schemes of the law, integrating them with the light of love, to build a conscious existence in which every act reflects the harmony of the divine.

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