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Karma and chaos

Author: PR Fleischman

This volume exposes the cornerstones of vipassana meditation practice and its fundamental concepts. Vipassana, a term derived from Pali, means 'to observe things as they really are' and not as they appear to us, and constitutes the essence of the Buddha's teaching. It is a technique of self-observation, which starting from the breath, that is, from the most natural and obvious movement of man, wants to arrive at a deep and direct knowledge of the mind, through which the meditator is able to achieve a radical and profound transformation of his self. . We are continually conditioned by external stimuli, and so far there would be nothing male, it is part of our nature. But is it part of our nature to be overwhelmed, tossed, slapped by the waves of existence? Vipassana meditation is a technique that the Eastern tradition of research on the mind offers us Westerners to regain possession, through the simple observation of the breath, of our life and stop its frantic race between desires and fears, between dreams and worries. One of the first to introduce vipassana to the West in our century was the Burmese master U Ba Khin. His work and his life gave way to that 'renaissance' of this meditation technique which, thanks also to the work of his disciple SN Goenka, has led to its current widespread diffusion.

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