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In the footsteps of the Buddha

Author: Paul Koppler

In the footsteps of the Buddha he shows the power of the valuable teachings of Gotama Buddha. His stories, simple and profound, contain the narration of the entire Buddhist Dhamma (the spiritual path elaborated by Buddha) and are pervaded not only with wisdom, but also with a pinch of humor, to rediscover the pure essence of the original teaching. A precious collection suitable for everyone, to discover and deepen Buddhism, draw on traditional sources and draw spiritual lymph and contemplative orientation. The stories not only deal with the wisest disciples of Buddha such as Ananda, Khema and Sariputta, but also expose the inner vicissitudes of ordinary men and women, beggars, brahmins and sovereigns who incessantly went to the Enlightened to quench their thirst at his source of wisdom. Buddha and all wise men are not dead. They continue to live in us if we understand them and follow their way. - Thich Nhat Hanh

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