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In India. Chronicles for real travelers

Author: Raffaella Milandri

For all travelers who love India. India is told, through the author's journey on the road, from original and innovative angles, and outside the routes known to tourists. During the journey an unusual relationship is created between the "Madame" and the Sikh driver, a faithful companion. While grinding miles on the dusty Indian roads, from Delhi to Calcutta to the forests of Orissa, the Milandri embarks on an adventurous journey full of twists. The book offers travel advice and reflections on "real" India, but also tells the arduous and obstinate search for the truth about the struggle of primitive tribes who defend their human rights. The author says: "A dangerous journey, where the fact of being a single woman was of great help to me: I was underestimated and thanks to this I had access to inaccessible places and confidential information".

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