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How to live happy in an imperfect world

Author: Dalai Lama

In difficult times such as the present, the Dalai Lama's words represent a powerful stimulus to face our existence with awareness and depth, and at the same time learn to appreciate the beauty of our life. Divided into 25 chapters, the anthology created with extreme care by Alan Jacobs collects the most significant writings of what is considered one of the greatest living spiritual masters, whose smile and teaching have deeply marked the last fifty years. With a language that is easy to understand, but also of great breadth, the Dalai Lama suggests a path of knowledge and compassion, which concerns the spiritual dimension but also fundamental issues such as peace, environmental protection, self-determination of Tibet . The teachings and practices illustrated in this book are indispensable today to give meaning to our experiences and to rediscover the reasons for a sober but authentic happiness in a world that is more chaotic and imperfect every day.

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